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Who is accompanied every day by this life-saver Cat at the Bus Stop

“He gave himself the position. I’m not sure why, but it’s really nice”


The 7-year-old daughter of Jessica Leatherman started riding the school bus when she entered the first grade this year. She doesn’t, however, wait there by herself.

Craig, the family’s adopted cat, is a special person who makes sure she arrives at school without incident.

2019 saw the black and white cat at an adoption event, and Leatherman decided to adopt him. After spending eight and a half months in the shelter, Craig quickly integrated into the family.

He is very, extremely relaxed. Leatherman told The Dodo, “I don’t think there’s a single thing that can shake him; he doesn’t even wake up when there’s thunder and lightning. “He is like a clown when he is awake. He enjoys knocking stuff off of counters to get your attention.

Craig was aware of Leatherman’s daughter’s new morning ritual because they had a particular relationship. One day, Leatherman made the decision to let the cat see her daughter off for the bus after noticing that he began to walk to the door and meow whenever she was leaving for the bus.

I decided I’d let him come outside [so he could] hang out with me [because the bus stops directly in front of our house],” Leatherman recalled. But he decided to hang around with her instead of me, and he followed her down the sidewalk and into the driveway, where he remained still while she waited for the bus.

“At the time, I thought, ‘Is he really doing this?'” I anticipated that he would leave the bus as soon as she boarded to come back to me, but instead, he remained there to see that she boarded before watching it leave, the woman continued. He won’t move from the bus stop’s corner until it is no longer visible.

Leatherman had thought that Craig handing off his sister at the bus stop would just happen once, but now it has become part of their morning ritual, which he takes very seriously.


Besties for life! I noticed today that Craig sits when he sees the bus. Also, look at his tail wag! 😂🤣 #craigthecat #busduty #ThatCloseMessenger

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He has been doing it every day, according to Leatherman. “He gave himself the position. I’m not sure why, but it’s really nice.

Craig has gained some local notoriety since assuming the drop-off responsibility.

Now that the neighborhood kids are familiar with him, Leatherman remarked, “the whole bus is like, ‘Craig!’ everytime they roll up. So, in a way, he’s simply evolved into this adorable little neighborhood mascot.


More Craig content. Rain or shine. The bus part got cut off due to phone call 😭. Vest comes tomorrow! #craigthecat #busduty #rescuecat #catsoftiktok

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And the rescued cat is always waiting for Leatherman’s daughter when she gets home from school. They complement each other, according to Leatherman. When she is seated next to him, he will simply rub all over her and purr. The cutest thing ever.

If he’s awake, he’ll follow her around the house and just lay down next to her, almost as if he were guarding her, she continued.

Since Leatherman began sharing endearing clips of Craig working the bus, the lovely rescue cat has gained followers all over the world. But spending time with his favorite child is all that matters to Craig.

He just seems like a grandfather reincarnated who sends his young child off to school, a lot of people noted in the videos’ comments, according to Leatherman. He’s the grandfather that everyone wants, so that’s just so him.


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