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A woman finds a Stray Dog on a boat before she realizes there were 8 more cubs on her own.

“I’m very grateful that day I was there,”


As soon as Kristin Erwin learned that a stray dog was ambling around a wharf in Channelview, Texas, she jumped in her car.

Erwin, who frequently helps with dog rescues, was devastated to find the nicest girl pacing the docks by alone when she got to the scene.

Though she hadn’t necessarily intended to, Erwin knew she couldn’t leave the puppy behind as soon as she spotted her, especially as the amiable girl started wagging her tail and rubbing up against Erwin’s legs.

After providing food and water to the endearing stray, she observed that the dog was not only exceedingly skinny, but also seemed to be nursing. That could only indicate the presence of puppies, Erwin realized.

She eventually located all eight of them with the help of some information from a local she had met nearby.

You can watch Erwin find the puppies here:



According to Erwin, “They were hidden at an old, dilapidated, closed restaurant, right on the porch area.” They were just three to four weeks old. I felt unable to leave them even though temperatures were about to fall in December.

Erwin was overcome with compassion for the stray, eventually identified as Marla, who had been raising so many puppies by herself.

Erwin remarked, “She had to have been spent just trying to keep them alive. “It was especially hard for me because I have a lot of sympathy for stray mama dogs.”

After one month of caring for Marla and her puppies, Erwin transferred them to another foster home, where they remained until the puppies were old enough to receive vaccinations. They gradually developed into loving, playful dogs who yearned for attention. Paddy’s Paws and Misfit Mutts Dog Rescue were of great assistance in helping Marla and all of her puppies find their happy homes.

Erwin misses Marla and her puppies but is pleased that she was able to place them with loving family.

Erwin stated, “They didn’t have to be the next generation of stray dogs. I’m so happy I was there to influence their future on that day.

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