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Are people crying after this stray dog finds his family

“That only caused my eyes to flow down the sides of my face”

Conway, a lovable dog, vanished from his Highlands County, Florida, home in November. Sadly, despite his family’s best efforts to locate him, he was nowhere to be found.

Days quickly stretched into weeks, and then weeks into months, all the while the unfortunate dog was still gone.

For Conway’s grieving family, his devoted presence is now only a bittersweet memory. But that state wouldn’t last indefinitely

Ten months to the day after Conway vanished, a stray dog was discovered this week wandering a street by himself. The dog was thin and worn out. He was picked up and driven to the animal services division of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office.

Nobody knew at the moment where the dog had come from or how much he had been missed.

Of course, the ragged dog was unable to describe his background or his identity. He did, however, have the solution on him.

Authorities had all the information they had to notify Conway’s family after a fast scan revealed that he had been microchipped.

Their many months of suffering came to an end with that. At the sheriff’s office, a gathering was planned. Conway arrived home at last.





Conway and his family’s lengthy ordeal came to an emotional conclusion, but theirs weren’t the only joyful tears shed. Unrelated people were compelled to participate when the reunion’s film was broadcast online.

Commenter: “I sobbed watching this video.”

Another said, “That just made my eyes leak all down my face.”

Conway’s rescuers were overjoyed to see everything resolved and for a family’s heart to mend.


According to Scott Dressel of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, “the main goal of the Animal Services Unit is to restore animals to their owners or, if that isn’t possible, find them a new home.” Every time we accomplish it, it is a triumph, but this is one of them definitely stands out for all of us”


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