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Blind Labrador Waits For Last Hopeful Sign After Being Lost For A Week in the Mountains

A blind dog missing for a week in the Santa Cruz mountains has little chance of being found.

However, eight days in the wide California wilderness turned out to be sufficient for Sage, a Boulder Creek Labrador.

Sage’s owner Beth Cole told ABC7 News that “it was horrific.” We were devastated and felt terrible that she was outside.

Despite concerns of mountain lions in the area, Cole spent the next few days exploring the woods outside Sage’s neighborhood after she vanished on February 24. Cole ultimately started to lose hope, along with friends and neighbors.

“So many people contributed to the search effort. We put up signs and posted it all over,” Cole added.

They learned the wonderful news at that point.

KSBW reported that Dan Estrada, one of Cole’s neighbors, and a friend were trekking by a stream in the highlands when they stumbled across a white labrador. Sage popped her head up in astonishment, surprising them both.

Estrada saw Sage right away and raced over to assist her. For the remainder of the ascent out of the canyon, he carried her on his shoulders.
Estrada told ABC7, “I leaped in the stream, I was so excited. I wrapped her in my arms, gave her a bear hug, flung her on my shoulders, and carried her up the mountain.

Sage was delivered to a thankful and joyful family at home, and her rescuer did not overlook the lesson she had learned.

That dog had such a strong determination to live despite the difficult circumstances, Estrada added. And I believe that everyone can take something positive out from that: Don’t give up.

According to KSBW, Sage’s welcome home celebration will take place on March 18 from 4-6 p.m. at Joe’s Bar on Highway 9 in an effort to help raise money for the Santa Cruz County Humane Society.


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