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A Dog that was stolen 5 years ago travels 600 miles to REUNITE again with Family

Stephanie Moore-Malmstrom thought it was a joke when she received a text stating that her dog, Sheba, had been located in a town more than 600 miles away.

“At first, I wondered, “Where are my million bucks and cruise?

According to Moore-Malmstrom, The Dodo. “Someone’s coning me,”

Sheba was identified by a police officer using her microchip, but Moore-Malmstrom remained unconvinced. However, even though the puppy was much older, Moore-Malmstrom recognized Sheba the moment she saw her on a FaceTime chat.

Moore-Malmstrom recalled thinking, “Oh my God, you have my dog, you have our baby.”

Sheba was soon in the air, heading home, thanks to Pilots N Paws, a group devoted to saving animals by flying them back to their family or to no-kill shelters.

Moore-Malmstrom was in awe to be finally seeing her puppy after such a long time when Sheba got off the plane. When Sheba spotted Moore-daughters, Malmstrom’s she dashed over in a state of ecstasy.

Moore-Malmstrom remarked, “I experienced every emotion that you could even begin to fathom. Sheba was unable to reach my girls in time.

Sheba was able to unwind and enjoy her family’s affection now that she was finally safe in their arms.

Sheba was seized from the Moore-Malmstrom family’s Baytown, Texas, yard in 2018 and taken to the Texas Panhandle, where she was eventually adopted and raised by a family for four and a half years, the Moore-Malmstroms later concluded. Sheba’s new owners decided they didn’t want to take care of her after the family had to move and rehome her, so they abandoned her on the street. When an animal control officer discovered Sheba and ran a microchip scan on her, she was living outside and being cared for by a local youngster.

Moore-Malmstrom is extremely appreciative to Borger Animal Control and Friends of Texas Panhandle Shelter Pets for their assistance in returning Sheba.

Moore-Malmstrom remarked, “So many people came together to get her home to me.

Sheba seemed incredibly appreciative to be back with her family. Despite the fact that they have been away for a long time, they still have the rest of their life to make up for it.

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