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Meet Venus, The Beautiful And Cute Two-Faced Cat.

A two-faced cat named Venus is about 11 years old. She is well-known online as a result of the traits that make her so attractive.
She is entirely black on half of her face, with one green eye, and orange on the other half, with a blue eye. Its distinguishing trait, known as “chimerism,” might be the cause of its appearance.

According to The Dodo, Venus was adopted in 2009 from a dairy farm in North Carolina, (USA). Her adoptive mother is overjoyed with her; she described her as a wonderfully sweet cat who has its own scratching post and rarely damages the furnishings in her home.

Leslie Lyons, a professor at the University of California at Davis who specializes in domestic cat genetics, mentioned Venus in an interview with National Geographic and said that she had never seen a cat with Venus’ features before.

She is quite uncommon, but you can explain and comprehend it.

When two different DNA types unite to produce one in cells, this phenomenon is known as chimerism. A cat that has both of these forms of DNA in its cells as a result of the fusion of two embryos is known as a feline chimera.

Venus would need to undergo some genetic tests to see if she is a Chimera cat.

Leslie talks about:

The DNA on one side of the body must be different from the DNA on the other since we can fingerprint DNA, much as in CSI.

Venus even has a plush version; a toy company has really put a replica of this incredible cat on the market. This cat is a unique creature in every way.

This stunning cat is aware that, in addition to her popularity due to appearance, her family loves her dearly and considers her wellbeing to be of utmost importance. For them, Venus could not be more ideal.


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