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Meet Bowie, The Cat Who’s Going Viral For 2 Reasons

Meet Bowie, a rescue cat whose stunning blue and green eyes have won over online users. The heterochromia, or different-colored eyes, of the European Shorthair is as rare as it is attractive.

Bowie is frequently overly playful. Although he enjoys playing with other cats, occasionally they don’t want to play with him. Maria Lloret, Bowie’s owner and savior from Spain, told Bored Panda. For a detailed conversation with Maria about the fun and active cat as well as the many benefits of rescuing animals, scroll down. Don’t forget to vote up your favorite Bowie images!

The owner is perfectly aware that the famous English musician David Bowie didn’t truly have heterochromia, despite the fact that the cat bears his name. The similarities are uncanny, though, and we wonder if the cat has any secret musical abilities as well.


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