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Unselfish Homeless Guy Prioritizing His Cat Over Himself

Assistance and compassion are crucial not just amongst individuals. And in terms of our younger brothers. Long Dum, a man who lost his home and now lives in a train station in Thailand, finds this to be popular.
He never forgets about the street cats, and whenever he gets the chance, he tries to buy food for them.

A man makes money by selling limes to buy food. Regardless of how much money Long makes from this, he initially buys cola-flavored food for his pals and something for himself with the remaining funds. And he agrees to remain patient if it still isn’t enough.

They have no one to turn to but him, he is certain having them with his family. and published it online, attracting even more customers, while animal lovers sent furry treats.

Once, some who wanted to help even brought brand-new clothing, got their hair trimmed, and offered to rent a house for the homeless. Lung, however, refused since he couldn’t abandon his animals to their fate.

What else is this but kindness and generosity? Long Dum is a fantastic illustration of how he sacrifices himself for the benefit of his canine companions despite needing only the most basic things.


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