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Doctor Solves Year-Long Mystery By Discovering Tiny Animal In Cemetery

Truvy, a small puppy, recently entered a waiting area of a doctor’s office and was met by two strangers. The 3-year-old dog initially walked hesitantly toward the guy and woman, unsure of what they wanted. Truvy didn’t trust people readily because she had been taking care of herself for a while.

Then, everything came together and she realized she knew them.

The Dodo was contacted by a woman who lives across a major road from the cemetery, according to Nicholas’ Pet Haven creator Cindy Nash. The small dog had been living there for a year, but she was growing more daring, and they were worried she could try to cross the road. She asked if we could try to find her and come retrieve her.

The rescue team went out later that day to look for the lost puppy and set humane traps. Dr. Harshivinderjit S. Bains, who had been keeping an eye on Truvy from a distance, was there when they met him.

Nash stated, “He claimed he genuinely loves the puppy and wanted to take her home. She had been residing at his clinic while it was being constructed, and managed to stay there all last winter when it was so cold. He provided her with bedding, food and water for a year but could never touch her.”

That evening when Nash came home, he was surprised to find young Truvy waiting to be rescued inside the trap.

Nash claimed, “I brought her to my residence not knowing how she would act. “I opened the cage while seated on the ground. I received the largest kiss [imaginable] after she sprang into my lap immediately. She was a total sweetheart. I placed her in the tub as I began removing the matted mess of sticker burrs. Her sheer joy at being saved warmed my heart.


The next day, Nash brought Truvy to the veterinarian, where they discovered a microchip.

When we called the family, they were overjoyed. said Nash. “Truvy walked outside in her new yard a year after they relocated to Texas. They had no idea that she could fit through the iron gate and escape!

When Truvy was found, she had been lost for almost 13 months.

Amy Logan, Truvy’s mother, told The Dodo, “[When Truvy went missing] we immediately scouted the neighborhood, on foot and in cars.” “I drove about looking for her for the following couple months. In case she was picked up by someone who wasn’t local, I also emailed all the veterinary offices, shelters, and rescue organizations within a 60-mile radius.

Logan made sure Truvy’s microchip was up to date as a result.

Even though we never gave up looking for her, Logan said it was still shocking to learn that, despite everything she had been through, she had been discovered and was in good health.

Logan and Truvy met up again the next day.

She needed a moment to realize that it was her mother, according to Nash. By the time they arrived at her house, she had calmed down and realized that she was secure. She was a really fortunate young lady.

You may see Truvy’s family reunion video here:

Dr. Bains was disappointed that he was unable to provide Truvy with a permanent home, but he was relieved to see that she had returned to her family and was contentedly playing with her toys.

Logan remarked, “She’s not the same bashful girl she was a year ago.” But I just cannot convey my appreciation for all that Dr. Bains done to look after and safeguard her.

Truvy and her family are now catching up on lost time because to all the cooperation between the rescue, Dr. Bains, and everyone else in between.

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