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Gorilla Koko Is Known For Sign Language And Adopting Kittens

An orangutan Koko is well known for its ability to communicate using sign language. Hanabi-Ko, which is Japanese for “fireworks kid,” was Koko’s real name. On July 4, 1971, she was born at the San Francisco Zoo.
The Gorilla Foundation claims that Koko recognizes more than 1,000 sign language terms and comprehends more than 2,000 spoken English words. She also “adopted” two gorgeous cats, which led to her becoming a mommy.

In July 1984, she received a grey kitten for her birthday. She gave the cat the name All Ball and treated him like a baby. Sadly, All Ball escaped Koko’s cage and died shortly after being struck by a car. Years later, KoKo started crying and continued to “mourn” the original cat.

In 2015, for Koko’s 44th birthday, Patterson allowed her to choose two brand-new pets from a litter of kittens.

As Koko interacted with the little kittens, her mother instincts surfaced right away. Koko’s two cats, Ms. Gray and Ms. Black, are very close to her and are always ready to cuddle up when it’s time for a sleep. Koko has become even more enthusiastic and is “signing more than ever” since adopting 2 kittens.

The caregiver showed Koko a skeleton and enquired, “Is this alive or dead?” in a conversation the two of them had. “Dead, draped,” was Koko’s signature. “Draped” refers to being covered. The caretaker then inquired, “Where do animals go after they pass away?” A cozy hole, according to Koko. She then said me farewell with a kiss. In June 2018, Koko the gorilla passed away at the age of 46.

Despite Koko’s passing, her love will always be in our hearts.

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