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Baby Bobcat Who Has Lost His Mother Is Aided By A Stray Cat

A stray cat mama took in a young bobcat that his mother had abandoned. She cared for the kitten like it was her own bobcat.

Meet Bob the bobcat and Sweet Pea the mother cat (who is just a few days old).

Animal Rescue Foundation Sarge’s
On May 3, a good Samaritan asked the Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation for help. She was carrying a small cat in a box, but it wasn’t just any kitten. It was a wild cat called a bobcat. According to Erica Chacon of Sarge’s, “He was found as an orphan.”

The bobcat was discovered by a woman who had observed a mother bobcat close to her home the previous evening, but the baby bobcat had been abandoned the following morning.

After failing to reunite the kitten with his bobcat mother, she saved the wild cat and brought him to the shelter. Only a few days had passed since the baby bobcat had been born. His mother’s care proved essential to his survival. On the same day, they also saved a stray mother and her five kittens. They understood that he could only save them by introducing them. The timing is perfect, perfect, perfect!

Everyone was delighted by what happened next.

15 minutes after they introduced the newborn bobcat to his new mother, Sweet Pea, he began to eat. At that moment, they were confident he would recover.

Bob weaned from Sweet Pea’s care a little later than her own kittens, but he eventually learned to adore having a mother figure. Sweet Pea lavished a lot of affection and dedication on the kitten she adopted.

Everyone at Sarge’s was motivated by their intense love for one another.

Bob left his cat mother and went to a wildlife refuge for rehabilitation after saying his goodbyes.

Being a surrogate mother thrilled Sweet Pea!

Watch this video to see Sweet Pea tending to her Bobcat kitten. They were enthralled by one another:


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