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Meet The Little Oreo Cloud That Will Grow To Be A Massive 85-Pound Floof

When you see this little dog’s coat, you’ll see why he was given the name Oreo cloud.

Sara Hamilton posted pictures of her young son to the prominent Facebook group Dogspotting Society, and they quickly went viral, earning over 22K reactions and 2.5K comments. People were melting and salivating, inviting their friends to encounter the alluring furball with them.

“Chief is the real name of our tiny Oreo cloud,” Bored Panda heard Sara. Our favorite moniker for him is “Oreo cloud” because of how much he resembles an Oreo McFlurry fluff.

And Chief is more than just good looks. He is also incredibly intelligent and laid-back, and he is working toward becoming a therapy dog.

Sara said, “We named him Chief because he will eventually weigh in at about 85 pounds and because he is certainly a leader, not a follower. “He is very well-behaved, he picks things up quickly, and he came to us totally potty-trained at 8 weeks!” Chief’s owner claimed that he is also fiercely protective and enjoys spending every night sleeping by the front door.

“Aside from his adorable spots, the first thing we noticed about him was his love of cuddles and willingness to nap on you. Out of everyone in the house, he snores the loudly.

In the short time Sara and her husband have had him, they have also observed that he loves bathing and becomes intensely envious whenever someone takes a bath without inviting him.

This adorable fluffy creature only recently became a part of our lives. The timing is ideal since we have plenty of time to spend with him while still a puppy. He traveled 1,700 miles to get to us from Omaha, Nebraska, which is in Northern California. We just got married, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to expand our tiny family. He has a chameleon brother as well, Sara continued.

Chief is accustomed to it and adores everyone because he was born in an environment with many kids. “ I  have a background volunteering with sick kids in hospitals, so I knew that he would be the most amazing therapy dog that would help bring a little joy to those in their darkest moments.”

Since the couple is presently remaining at home, they are instructing Chief in right manners every day. He is improving greatly, Sara stated. “We will be bringing him to a series of fundamental dog training and therapeutic programs once the world heals and we can return to normal life. He can formally take his certification exam once he becomes one year old and has completed the necessary coursework. He will thereafter perform weekly hospital visits for kids.

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