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A Woman Spots a Dog Chained to a Water Source while Carrying her Favorite Items in Her Backpack.

“Your Baby Girl has a great future ahead of her, so you can rest a little easier.”

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, over the last weekend, a dog by the name of Baby Girl sat stoically on the lawn of a residential road. She could have been waiting for her owner to come back while chained to a fire line by her leash, which is what Kylie Rose Engelhardt initially permitted.

Fortunately, Baby Girl didn’t have to spend a lot of time alone in the extreme cold. When he saw her, Engelhardt halted to check on her condition. Engelhardt posted on Facebook, “(I) waited outside with her for an hour keeping her warm hoping for someone to come back but no one did.”

A package containing all of Baby Girl’s favorite items—food, snacks, and toys—along with a somber note—arrived. Engelhardt brought Baby Girl to the Wisconsin Humane Society after realizing that she had been abandoned.

Everyone, I did my best,” Engelhardt wrote. “Believe me, I understand how that feels.”

Over the course of the week, the image of Baby Girl left alone with her belongings has drawn a lot of attention. And the sanctum reports that the five-year-old dog is doing fantastic.

According to Angela Speed, vice chairman of dispatches for the sanctum, “she’s doing well and getting tons of TLC from our team.” She enjoys going for walks, playing with her toys, and doing a cute sit for goodies. She is a cheerful and loving dog.

A sympathetic remark was posted on Facebook by Wisconsin Humane Society, addressing Baby Girl’s previous owner personally. When they felt they had to stop keeping an eye on Baby Girl, the guardians said that they knew how difficult it was to do so.

We are aware of how painful it may be for both the owner and the pet for someone to part with a beloved companion, Speed added. “We truly wanted the owner to know that we weren’t criticizing them and recognized the love in everything they did to get Baby Girl ready to be quickly planted and supported,” the group said.

The charming letter read: Wisconsin Humane Society posted on Facebook, “First and foremost, we’re very sorry you had to part with your stylish companion.” It’s clear how much you cared about her, and we can see that you tried your best despite dealing with life’s difficulties and your own physical issues. We can see your love in the bag you thoughtfully filled with all of her preferred accessories. We can see your devotion in how you restrained her leash to prevent her from being struck by a car. We can see your devotion in the way you thoughtfully planted her in the center of a busy neighborhood. We can feel your affection in the way Baby Girl appears content and healthy. We also notice your  love in the note you left, contending for someone to help her when you no longer could.”

Baby Girl is now free to be released after completing her “slapdash hold” in the upcoming days. The beautiful dog is currently receiving a ton of cuddles from the sanctuary staff while taking her medication in preparation for her second opportunity at a loving home.

The Wisconsin Humane Society tweeted, “Rest assured that she’s secure, she’s getting lots of attention from our platoon, and she’s on pace to find her next loving home veritably soon.” You’ll be able to sleep a little better knowing that your baby girl has a promising future.

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