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Maggie is Currently Developing and is Already a Therapy Dog!

The woman who was shot 17 times, had her ear amputated, was blind, and pregnant is now making improvement and working on becoming a therapy dog.

Sad that she was treated that way; happy that she is now.

In Lebanon, the dog was five years old. She had a broken jaw, her eyeballs protrude out, and her ears were cut off. The dog was alone and [fastened] to a container when they found her, pregnant.
Fortunately, there is still more to the story.

After learning about the stray dog, the Wild at Heart Foundation arranged for her to be taken in by an animal lover who lives in Brighton. That person’s name is Kasey.
The puppy is now employed as a therapy dog.

Maggie is a straightforward dog, acting normally despite the fact that the dig involves health-related issues.
The dog’s owner claimed that it is gifted and intelligent. She is quite animated and playful. She never follows her owner.

Maggie merely spreads kindness and love, and fortunately, she is now content and leading an ideal life.

A remarkable dog with unmatched extraordinary courage, strength, and determination to live… such a role model for all of us! Such tenacity demonstrates to everyone that she will never give up until the Lord is prepared to take her!

I’m grateful that you were able to save her and ensure her well-being.

May she lead a loving and fulfilling life. This girl was given a different purpose by God, and it appears that she is on the right track to carry it out! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸΎπŸΎ

I’m so grateful she got saved and is loved.

God be with her…..

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