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Dog Cast Off From Balcony Finds Love And Care With A Veteran Of War!

We will be overjoyed to learn that a terrible story has a joyful conclusion. Animals can suffer severe injuries from their abusive owners on occasion. However, it’s lovely when such creatures, who have suffered mistreatment, find a much better existence. The Wonder Dog experienced the same thing after surviving a fall from the balcony a few months ago, and he has now found a new job.

Miracle’s prior existence was more like a hellish place filled with cruelty and broken hearts. The Daytona Beach deputy sheriff and police officer both got calls from terrorists in December of last year. Alison Murphy, 35, assaulted a housekeeper and made threats to scale the motel fence. But it was quite disturbing when the woman hurried out of her apartment with her German Shepherd and abruptly placed the dog on the railing. Thankfully, the dog didn’t suffer any injuries that day.

Since that time, Alicia Dease, the animal service site supervisor, has taken care of the miracle. Since the dog’s viral video went viral, many of us have expressed interest in adopting the Miracle, according to Alicia. However, she believes that Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Ted and his wife Bridget are the right individuals to adopt the Miracle.

The previous dog owner received a $1,100 fine and a five-year animal-free ban. Ted revealed to him that he had recently watched a video of the miracle taking place. He remarked that he didn’t understand why someone would do this. They hit it off right away and he thought she could make her feel more relaxed.


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