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Lovely Black Labrador with Vitiligo Makes Web Go Crazy

A dog with vitiligo will serve as a reminder that everyone of us is beautiful regardless of how we appear.

Numerous people and animals suffer the disorder vitiligo, in which the pigment cells of the skin degenerate (melanocytes).People often feel self-conscious about physical ailments, but a dog with vitiligo will serve as a gentle reminder that we are all attractive regardless of how we appear.

Meet Blaze, a Labrador Retriever who is 10 years old and resides in Finland with his father, Santeri Frilander. He was born with an all-black coat, but around a year ago, vitiligo spots started to spread across his body.

The white color began to expand from a small area on his ear, according to Frilander. It’s interesting to note that all of his siblings and sisters are still one color.

It appears that Blaze has vitiligo. Although it affects humans more frequently, it can also affect dogs. But this doesn’t stop him from enjoying his day-to-day activities. Despite his altered appearance, he is entirely healthy and active because vitiligo just affects appearance and has no other effects.

His father remarked, “He is always eager to go wherever you go.” He even likes driving around.

Blaze only became popular after his father shared images of him online. People fall in love with him and can’t get enough of his captivating beauty.

Santeri stated, “He wants to make people happy and make them smile. His age has earned him a multitude of nicknames, including “The Old Man” and “The Humorous Old Man,” and he is now ten years old.



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