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Ukrainian Dog wouldn’t stop shaking until someone helped him

“He would shiver each time you touched him”


Dr. Courtney Katsur didn’t foresee the connection she would develop with one particular stray when she traveled to Ukraine to aid animals in need.

When Dr. Katsur first came across Mr. Richard Gere, he was in poor condition and being continually threatened by the war. The lovely dog’s grizzled face was etched with the strain of the previous few months.

Dr. Katsur said to The Dodo, “He’s not an elderly dog. “But given what he’s been through, he looks like it.”

Mr. Richard Gere initially felt awfully awkward around others.

He lacked faith, Dr. Katsur stated. He would shiver each time you touched him.

But after Dr. Katsur trained and prepped him, a significant turning point occurred one day. It seemed as though she had finally won his trust at that point.

Dr. Katsur reported that the patient “curled up in a small ball in the sunshine and just kind of laid there and stared at me.” From that point forward, all I could think was, “I wish I could have taken him home.”

Following that, Mr. Richard Gere began acting completely differently and appeared really glad to be going outside and engaging in dog-typical activities with those who were taking care of him, according to Dr. Katsur.

On his walks, he began to run and trot more, according to Dr. Katsur. Previously, we had to drag him outside since he refused to walk.

And more of his personality began to emerge.

Dr. Katsur remarked, “We addressed him as ‘Mr.’ because he had just earned it. He had a little heat to him.

Dr. Katsur encountered several animals while working with the UK-based nonprofit Breaking The Chains in Ukraine, including Mr. Richard Gere.

Dr. Katsur admitted, “I still cry when I think about them.”

Dr. Katsur is currently back in the United States, but she continues to keep tabs on her furry friends.

In fact, Mr. Richard Gere is being adopted by another volunteer because he has grown to trust the individuals he has met so much.

Dr. Katsur is overjoyed that the child will be going to a caring family.

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