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How Cat pulls Mom out of Bed for a Surprise

“She really took my blanket off and nibbled my toes”


The 11-month-old cat, Gracie, has recently been approaching her mother, Zoey Chelf, for one very important reason: she wants to brag about her best achievements.

She’ll even practically nibble on Chelf’s hand as she pulls her along.

This hand-pulling technique was initiated by Gracie months ago when she was in need of support.

When I took her in, she was around halfway through her pregnancy, and to let me know it was time, she bit my toes and yanked my blanket off, according to Chelf, who spoke to The Dodo. After I stayed with her, she finally calmed down enough that she could give birth naturally because she had followed me when I had tried to give her some room.

Recently, the joyful mother welcomed four boys and four girls into the world, and she adores bringing Chelf in to meet them.

Chelf remarked, “She drags me to see them frequently. She will meow or nip at me throughout the day to follow her as she checks things out. She like it when I sit next to her and pet her while she feeds.


Here you can see Gracie getting her mother out of bed:

According to Chelf, “She has been a great mother to all of [her babies].” “It was amazing to observe her birth from beginning to end,”

The former stray, who formerly resided in a storm drain, is an expert parent.

Chelf praised Gracie as a great mother. She spends the majority of the day with [her kittens]. She lies with me when she isn’t with them. It’s the cutest thing when she cuddles up to them.

Gracie and her little ones are protected from the streets, but Chelf gives the mother cat the credit for changing her life. The kittens will be prepared to find their own loving homes when they are old enough.

Chelf stated, “She has been a fantastic addition to our family. She has made me smile, given me a reason to care for her and her kittens, and cuddled up to me when I cried. She is truly the ideal cat, and for that, I am incredibly grateful. Our paths must have intersected for a reason, in my opinion.



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