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Mom Cat Breaks Into Stranger’s House To Protect Her Babies

For a stray cat named Tala in particular, a mother’s love knows no bounds.

A man named Vincent from Santa Ana, California, was unwinding at home one evening in August when he abruptly became aware of an intruder inside.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a particularly dangerous person.

A young female cat was staring up at him, apparently having entered the house through the doggy door that his Chihuahua used to exit into the yard.

Vincent decided to take the cat in while looking for her owners after noticing how amiable she was.

He had no idea that there were further cats where they originated from.

A little while afterwards, Tala jumped out outside the dog door and swiftly came back inside carrying a tiny kitten. After getting the baby settled, she quickly left to bring another one inside.

Vincent set up a box with some towels inside the door to keep the family warm for the night while he posted a need for assistance to nearby animal rescue organizations on Facebook. The kittens simply kept appearing.

She had taken three kittens into the house by the time he went to bed that night, according to Jacqueline Santiago of Friends For Life Rescue Network, who spoke with The Dodo. There were a total of five when he awoke the following morning.

Vincent was happy to entertain the family of six, but his Chihuahua, who usually is the only one to use the dog door, was taken aback by the crowded house.

Santiago stated, “I believe the dog sensed Tala needed assistance and didn’t appear to mind the company. He was especially kind to the babies, sniffing them. Tala had no fear at all because she intuitively knew her kittens would be safe there.

It took roughly a week for Santiago to assist Vincent in setting up a nearby foster home for Tala and her children. The foster parent made sure the kittens, who were just 4 weeks old at the time, received vaccinations and flea treatments following their life on the streets.

Santiago assumed Tala had once been someone’s pet because she was so at ease around humans and pets. She wasn’t chipped when the rescue team scanned her.

Santiago said, “She’s an amazing young kid and loves chin scratches.

Although Tala’s kittens have all been adopted, Tala is still awaiting adoption in her foster home.

She’s such a cute kitty, said Santiago. She looks at her foster father with these enormously loving eyes, demonstrating how much she adores him. Since she initially entered Vincent’s home, I believe she genuinely likes guys.


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