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When a 5-year-old Boy Ran Away from Home, the Family’s German Shepherd Stayed with Him Until help Arrived.

Alejandro the German shepherd didn’t miss a beat when his child chose to go for a walk, even hopping into a police car with little Jose.

When a little child wandered off from his Houston home on Saturday, there was a lot of concern and a hasty search, but fortunately Jose Muoz had his best friend with him.

That afternoon, Jose and his mother Jasmine Martinez had a nap together. Jose, a 5-year-old, was gone when she awoke a short while later, according to Houston’s KPRC. She looked about the home in vain. She then got in touch with the Houston Police Department after concluding that Jose must have forced open the door and wandered off.

Fortunately, Jose was found not long after, around half a mile from his house, after witnesses observed him strolling alongside some nearby train tracks. The family’s one-year-old German shepherd, Alejandero, was strolling by the child’s side when HPD found him.

Samantha Muoz, Jose’s sister, told KPRC that Alejandro and the family had been close ever since he joined them. “We adopted him when he was a little pup. When they said that he had been strolling alongside him the entire time, I wasn’t shocked.”


Given the erratic nature of small children and the fact that dogs are probably the best thing in the world, this isn’t the first time canines have rescued lost children, and it’s fairly assured that it won’t be the last either. German shepherds, in Jose’s case, are part of the herding group, therefore when Alejandro noticed one of “his” herd members straying, he felt compelled to stick with Jose.

According to HPD Sgt. Ricardo Salas, “the dog realized he had to go with him because he was doing something he was not supposed to do.”

Alejandro remained nearby, Velcroed to the boy’s side, even when HPD arrived and provided the boy with water and a cool spot to sit.

The dog leapt into the patrol car as Salas claimed, “I seated the child in my patrol unit so he could receive some AC.”

Jose is now safely back at home owing to the rapid response of HPD and a devoted dog. Jose’s mother informed KPRC that she is considering placing child protective locks on her doors, and HPD has stated that no one will be charged.


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