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Cat- Watch This Rescuer Climb Up To Save ‘Fat Cat,’ Who Was Stuck 45 Feet Above Ground

There are frequently lost cats nearby, preferably not so high up.
In Ohio earlier this month, “Fat Cat,” a 25-pound cat who was stuck 45 feet up a tree, was one of the pets he rescues from becoming stranded in trees. I don’t like heights, so he recorded the uneasy rescue and uploaded it to TikTok.

According to Hook, Fat Cat had been up there for four days and either didn’t want to or didn’t know how to return to safety. He stood up.


The Thicc King originally refused to approach Hook because he was clearly not close to the tree stem, so Hook had to carefully side-step his way to the meowing Fat Cat. Thankfully, Hook’s delectable gift convinced him to come.

According to Hook, “I will occasionally stay up to an hour in the tree waiting for the cat to get over their pride and/or fear of me.” “Easy was Fat Cat. He was prepared to assist.”


“Fat Cat”, a 25lb hunk of a kitty had been stranded in this vine tangled woods walnut for 4 nights. shayla and her family had tried everything -40’ ladder, even extension pole with a net (clever) to get him down before they found my number. Kudos to Danny and Shayla for their ingenuity by figuring out how to send up a drink of water to the big fella. Here is a clip of this Texas sized rescue.#getmeowtahere #thecatsinthebag #treetopcatrescue #catinatreerescue #catsoftiktok #fatcat #treeclimbing #meow #canopycatrescue #cattok #ropeaccess #texassized #whopper #heavyweight #cats

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The height of 45 feet above the earth becomes apparent at this point. Barrrrrfffffffff. Hook, who performs his rescues on his own time and expense, has to put Fat Cat into a bag in order to bring him down even if he enjoys some pets up there. Although it’s not Fat Cat’s favorite part of the rescue, it does allow him to return to his family and safety on the ground.

On TikTok, Hook submitted a video that has had approximately 9 million views since it was uploaded to getmeowttahere.


And keep in mind: If your cat disappears, he’s definitely nearby—possibly up high somewhere.


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