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How the Extremely Vigilant Cat Bandit Protected Her Owner From Would-be Burglars

When Bandit noticed burglars at her owner’s back door, she somehow knew just what to do.
Early on Monday morning, while Fred Everitt, a retired oral surgeon, was fast asleep in his Mississippi home, Bandit, a calico cat, began making deep meows.

She had not spotted an animal; rather, two intruders were attempting to enter Everitt’s Belden residence. Then, as reported by the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, she entered “guard cat” mode.

According to the publication, the cat started meowing between 2:30 and 3 a.m. Everitt suspected Bandit had spotted another cat because he frequently patrols the house at night. He was cleared of that belief when she burst into his bedroom, yanked at his arms, and attempted to remove his comforter.

Everitt informed the Daily Journal that “she had never done that before.” “What in the world is wrong with you?” I asked.

He was forced out of bed by Bandit, and after donning his robe, he went into the kitchen. He then observed the two individuals—one holding a crowbar and the other brandishing a handgun—trying to open his back door.

The would-be intruders had already left when Everitt, 68, returned from getting his own revolver, he told the newspaper.

Thank god, Everitt said to the newspaper, “It did not evolve into a confrontational situation.” He attributed his 20-pound cat with maybe saving his life. But I believe the cat is the only reason.

Four years ago, Everitt acquired Bandit from the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society. When he inquired about seeing the shelter’s kittens, he was actually come to make a monetary donation. He made the decision to adopt Bandit after seeing her.

Everitt told the Daily Journal, “I want to let others know that you not only save a life when you adopt a pet or rescue one. “The tides might change. You never know if saving an animal would also result in their saving you.”

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