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Heroic Labrador Retriever Fights Mountain Lion To Save Two Children And Safeguard The Family

A Labrador retriever in Cedar Hills, Utah, reportedly fought off a mountain lion on July 19 in order to protect its family, as reported by KSLTV News. The dog was severely hurt but managed to survive the encounter.

Ella, a 7-year-old Yellow Labo, noticed the mountain lion when Crystal Michaelis and her children were outside playing in the backyard. Although Ella was acting strangely and was glancing back and forth from the children to where the mountain lion was lurking, Michaelis missed seeing the animal.

Michaelis explained, “She kept glancing at the youngsters and then swiftly looked back.” She was merely being cautious, and my daughter found it to be very troubling.

Michaelis actually took her children outside. Ella had several injuries on her head, face, legs, tongue, and neck as they returned to the patio door. Ella was completely bloodied when we opened the back door. The door and patio were covered in blood, Michaelis explained.
Although the family was not present for the fight, officers from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources discovered mountain lion trails leading to the scene. Wildlife officials explained that the mountain lion might have wandered too close to the Michaelis’ home after being disturbed by some nearby goats in a neighbor’s yard.

Ella, a 7-year-old lup, suffered bites and cuts to her head, neck, legs, and tongue after defending her family from a mountain lion in the Cedar Hills. She also has more than 30 bite marks on her body.

The Utah DWR has not reported any additional mountain lion sightings, but it has warned locals to be vigilant and to stay safe. They’ve also seen deer wandering through this area, and because deer are cougars’ primary food source, cougars frequently follow where deer go, explained DWR public information official Faith Jolley.

Ella was bit more than 30 times overall, all starting from the shoulders up. Which means, according to Michaelis, “she never gave up and stayed in that protective position and defended it.” Ella is anticipated to fully recover despite her injuries.

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