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How this Lost Little Animal in the Woods Approaches Guy And Asks Him To Take at Home

Cody Rinehart recently spotted a strange animal in the middle of the trail just ahead while out on a stroll in the Ohio woods close to his home.

Rinehart initially believed the creature might be a possum. The little guy, though, was unafraid of Rinehart, unlike the majority of natural animals. In fact, he ran over to inspect Rhinehart’s boots with delight.

Rinehart was startled to discover a pet ferret wandering alone in the woods when the animal drew near.

The adorable ferret was taken to an animal hospital by Rinehart. The ferret had some ticks and was dehydrated, but the vet said he was otherwise healthy and that he had likely been living in the woods for a few days.

Given that the ferret was discovered in a natural reserve miles away from the nearest settlement, Rinehart came to the painful conclusion that it was most likely abandoned. Additionally, the sociable ferret enjoyed being around humans and easily settled into Rinehart’s house.

Rinehart told The Dodo, “He’s acclimated very well, which really leads me to assume he was certainly abandoned and not a runaway.” He truly doesn’t let me out of his sight since he likes people. Even when I first met him, he was quite welcoming.


well this was an unexpected friend I made today while #geocaching and hiking. #ferret

♬ Best Friend – Danny Adlerman and friends

Rinehart gave his new pet the name Noodle and provided for his comfort and happiness.

Noodle and Rinehart’s cats, Rue and Jalapeno, rapidly grew close, and the three of them now frequently interact and play together inside the home.

Rinehart remarked, “If [Noodle] isn’t out chasing Jalapeno, he’s lounging in his hammock and living the good life.”

Noodle also enjoys eating tons of freeze-dried snacks and donning his harness for quick trips outside in the yard.

Noodle now has all he requires and won’t ever have to be concerned about being left alone again thanks to the generosity of his new father.


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