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How Dog Pretends to have a Broken Leg to Gain Food on the Street

The dog, Gae, appears to be in pain as he drags his back left leg along the ground.

When he notices that people are gathering around him, he stands up and leaves.

Bangkok, Thailand locals claim that he consistently deceives others.

This cunning dog has figured out how to pose as injured in order to attract attention and treats from passersby.

The dog, known locally as Gae, drools and drags his back left leg as though it were broken.

However, as soon as others swarm around to try to assist him, he bounces up and runs off as if nothing ever happened.

The dog was seen on camera in Bangkok, Thailand.
During one scene in the film, a man on a motorcycle stops to see if the dog is alright after noticing it limping, but as he realizes there is nothing to worry about, he starts laughing.

Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul, a resident, said: “This old dog has been in my workplace for a while. He employs this ruse often to fool others.

I give him rice, but he continues to do this. He is really wise. I believe he does it to entice others to give him food.

A motorcycle rider pulls over because he believes the dog is injured when we were waiting to observe the dog that day.

But then he stands up and turns to go. Too amusing. Gae is his name.

According to Thaweeporn, she loves dogs and has multiple pets in addition to rescuing stray canines.

She added that she was positive Gae was in perfect health.

He’s an old dog, and we’ve examined both of his legs, Thaweeporn continued. Both of them are OK.

“I would take Gae to the vets right away if he had any form of injury,” the owner declared.


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