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Unbelievable – Dogs Allegedly used by a foreigner to Scam Residents of Chiang Mai

Residents of Chiang Mai informed Thai media about a foreigner who starved and abandoned his two pet dogs in order to con locals out of money.

Residents of the Nam Pueng Village in the Saraphi neighborhood of Chiang Mai, Thailand, informed the media that a foreigner renting a residence in their community had cruelly starved two dogs for more than two weeks while leaving them outside.

The foreigner adopted two Thai ridgeback dogs, and at initially seemed to adore them, according to the locals. Every morning, the dogs were taken for walks, but eventually the novelty wore off, and the dogs were left to fend for themselves, exploring the village streets in search of food. They would scavenge some scraps and then go back to sleep behind some trees in front of their owner’s house.

The two dogs’ owner didn’t seem to care as they grew older, sicker, and sadder.

The situation was discussed with him by the owner of the home the visitor had rented.

The foreigner complained to the home’s owner that the dogs were destructive and difficult.

he stated

“I do not desire them. Grabbing them is optional.

Residents pleaded with a local animal welfare organization to save the dogs, but they refused, saying they had previously been duped by a foreigner.


The foundation showed that the immigrant frequently kept his dog imprisoned within a home. The foreigner later sued the foundation after they tried to save the dog.

Similar events are anticipated by the foundation, which assumes that the foreigner will allow someone to steal his dogs and then sue them.

The foundation advised residents to report the foreigner’s maltreatment of the dogs to the authorities. Additionally, they cautioned anyone interested in adopting the canines to contact the police and request a legal contract from the foreign adoptive parent.


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