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Shelter Dog bound for a Broken Box Found a Fantastic Miracle

Maggie lived alone in a dirty yard for many years. A decaying wooden box served as her only place of residence. She had flea bites all over her and was restrained by a small rope, so she was unable to play or run.

Maggie didn’t let any of it get to her spirit, though. In fact, her extreme trustworthiness astounded rescuers when they first came across her.

She clearly enjoyed people, according to a Facebook post from Worthy Dog Rescue. When she received even the smallest amount of human attention, she excitedly wagged her tail.

The amiable senior was brought to the shelter, where she started to unwind from her demanding home and received treatment for her skin issue.

Maggie was obviously quite happy on the inside. She started to feel happier on the outside as she gained strength.

Since Maggie was an elderly dog who required being the only dog in her family, the rescuers worried that it might take some time before she got a permanent home.

They made every effort to make Maggie successful. Maggie learned what it meant to feel taken care of in the weeks that followed. She put in a lot of effort in the hopes that her new abilities would encourage someone to give her a chance.

She traveled with some amazing foster homes who “trained her how to be a part of a family, working on her leash manners and getting her more comfortable around other dogs,” according to a statement from Worthy Dog Rescue. ”We were aware of this since a senior Bully-mix had lived a hard life, her ad-option would take time.”

A woman eventually discovered Maggie’s biography on the shelter’s website. The woman had previously put in an application to foster another dog, but as soon as she spotted Maggie, she knew they were destined to be together.

According to the rescue, “[it] was a life-changing experience for Maggie.” In order to give her the time and attention she required, “[her new mom] offered an only dog home and had a flexible schedule.”

The dog, who before had no one to play with, now takes several walks and participates in fetch games. Maggie was originally anxious around other dogs, but she has since grown more at ease and is able to maintain her composure. She enjoys begging for scratches while cuddling up on her family’s lap.

Maggie’s new mother told Worthy Dog Rescue, “I didn’t think I could love another dog after putting my Lab down at nearly 13 years old.” But we can’t fathom our lives without this girl since we are so in love with her.

Maggie’s new family has already had such an impact on her life, and she has also been there for them, giving them a lot of love and support.

She’s had a significant influence on the young youngster in her new home, a Worthy Dog Rescue spokesperson told The Dodo. It really is amazing,

Maggie, who once slept on tattered, filthy pieces of wood, now spends her days dozing on a plush couch and is certain that her new family will take care of her needs at all times.


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