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Husky the Hero Dies After Saving Humans from a Deadly Snake

Dai Bao, the Siberian husky pet who died protecting his family’s house, may you rest in peace.

According to Oriental Daily and translations of the story, Dai Bao was standing outside the house where his family lived in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia, by himself, when a poisonous cobra slithered onto the property. Dai Bao attacked the huge four-foot-long snake to save his family from impending threat. Even though the courageous husky was able to seriously hurt the snake, Dai Bao was not unharmed.

After looking into an unusual bark outside, Dai Bao’s owner informed the Malaysian daily Guangming Daily that she had found her husky holding the poisonous snake in his mouth. Upon her arrival, Dai Bao allegedly released his hold on the snake, forcing it to tumble to the ground and exposing the husky’s bleeding nose, swollen eyebrows, and other severe wounds. The brave husky had obviously been bitten.

When the snake was subdued, Dai Bao’s owner hurried to the veterinary facility to get care for the husky and was met with bad news no pet owner likes to hear.

The owner of Dai Bao posts on Facebook that the veterinarian advised her family to prepare mentally because Malaysia doesn’t have venom antiserum. (Editor’s note: Readers may find disturbing the Facebook pictures of Dai Bao following the incident.)


Despite receiving injections and an IV drip, Dai Bao’s heroic husky was killed by the deadly bite of the venomous cobra.

This terrible incident wasn’t Dai Bao’s first experience with suffering. According to a Facebook post from his owner, the husky was malnourished during his first four years of life and had developed a number of skin conditions before being adopted by the family in 2019.

After being adopted, Dai Bao, who was apparently named after the title character in the Disney film Dumbo by his family’s children, was eventually able to regain his health, put on weight, and provide his family a lot of happy memories over the course of his brief life.

According to reports, Dai Bao will be buried in one of his all-time favorite playgrounds: under a big tree adjacent to the family’s house. We are thinking of the family of this cherished animal and unfailing hero.


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