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Meet Cygnus, the CAT With the Longest, Prettiest Tail in the World

The Ferndale, Michigan, home of Lauren and Will Powers doesn’t require dusting like the rest of us do. Cygnus, their cat, does it for them by just pacing the area and waving his extraordinarily long and fluffy tail.

The “largest tail on a domestic cat,” according to the Guinness Book of Records 2018, belongs to Cygnus Regulus Powers.

From the base of his butt to the end of the “meat” of his tail, the official measurement put Cygnus’ tail at a massive 44.66 cm (17.58 inches). However, it must have been done a while earlier, as in June of last year, his owner Will Powers told Love Meow that Cygnus’ tail already measured 18.4 inches (24 inches, if you count the fluff). The adorable Main Coon’s tail must be substantially longer now, too, given that he was then only about a year old.

Will Powers informed Love Meow that it was “far over the world record currently of 16.3 and showed no indications of stopping.” Every month or so, the tail grows by about half an inch. It’s beginning to make him almost appear odd. Due to his lengthy and fluffy appearance, people sometimes refer to him as a “featherduster” or “Door draft blocker.”

Cygnus’s human father continued, “Most of the time while he’s holding the tail ‘upright’, it coils about at the tip and looks like a floofy question mark.


While owning a living featherduster as a pet may sound wonderful, May and Lauren will face some difficulties. They should take particular caution when closing doors around the house because Cygnus’s tail could accidentally get entangled in them. The cat also occasionally dips his long tail into objects because it extends so far from his body.

It’s interesting to note that Arcturus, Cygnus’ brother, also won a Guinness record this year for being the “world’s tallest domestic cat.” The F2 Svannah weighs around 30 pounds and stands 48.4 cm (19.05 in) tall. They get along great and adore nothing more than playing and cuddling together.


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