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The Miracle Happened: Lost Dog Reunites With Her Mom Who Spent 8 Years Looking For Her


Laila and Blake, the two dogs Sophia Hanson left behind, were left in her garden in 2009. While Blake was found a year after they disappeared, Laila had been missing for eight years.

Hanson and her husband finally found a listing on Craigslist after a year of searching. Someone in San Antonio, Texas, not far from their area, was asking $500 for a pit bull that remarkably resembled Blake.

“We pretended that we were just going to buy a dog when we entered the store. We were prepared with our cash, said Hanson. “They had him on the largest chain I’d ever seen when we went back there and confirmed it was him.”

Hanson continued, “He was quite messed up for a time. He’s the largest teddy bear now, but the entire healing procedure was a process.

The Hansons feared the worst for Laila after seeing Blake in the condition he was in. Nevertheless, Hanson kept checking the neighborhood shelters for years in the hopes of running into her.
Laila had a guardian angel watching over her, but Hanson was ignorant of this.

Laila was little more than skin and bones when Janice Rackley first saw her in a field in 2018. She had obviously lived alone for a long time, unloved and uncared for.
Rackley was aware that action was required.

Rackley told The Dodo, “She just needed help, and nobody was going to help her.” “I simply feel like I was there to help her, and that was the only reason I was there. She was dependent on me.”

Rackley drove out to the field each day, carrying hefty jugs of food and drink. The dog was initially so afraid that she would flee the scene the moment she spotted Rackley coming, but with time, Rackley gained her trust.

She started getting closer to me after around six months, according to Rackley, and eventually allowed me to pet her. Since she was allowing me to pet her, I reasoned that I might as well obtain a leash and put it on while I was feeding her. But she would bolt when she caught sight of this leash.

Rackley believed it might be her last chance to save the puppy as New Year’s Eve drew near and the weather grew chilly, so she made a snap decision.

To get her to his car, Rackley claimed, “I just grabbed her up, flung her over my shoulder, and I walked her 40 feet through this field.” “When I lifted her up, she was actually very peaceful, and she was so sweet about it.”

Laila resisted leaving Rackley’s house for a month. Rackley recognized the stray dog’s past had more secrets than she had initially assumed as her personality started to emerge.

She took some time to change, but once she did, Rackley said that the dog was the sweetest. “She was able to sit, stand, and shake, as well as lay down. Man, someone put some time into her, I thought. She must be missed by someone.

Laila had a microchip, as confirmed by Rackley after having her scanned by animal control.

It was just 40 miles away, so for Hanson and her husband, it was simply another typical night. The couple, according to Hanson, “was just wandering around the house, shutting off lights, and making sure the puppies were in bed.” “We received a call just as we were about to put down the lights. What? my spouse exclaimed. Can you say that again? We said, “No freakin’ way,” and he placed it on speaker phone.

Despite the eight years that had passed, Hanson jumped in the car because she couldn’t wait to see Laila one more. The emotional reunion between Laila and her mother when Rackley took her outside affected everyone in the room.

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