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Miracle – How Save 6 Wild Baby Elephants Stuck in the Mud

Six mischievous wild elephant calves wandered away from their herd to cool off in a pool of mud at a national park in Prachin Buri province, central Thailand, according to images posted on Facebook yesterday morning. The young elephants played for so long that they became worn out and were unable to leave.

The calves were having trouble getting out of the muck because of their muddy bodies, which were slipping and sliding all over the place. The calves were assisted out of the tusk by park guards.

Park rangers from Thap Lan National Park used spades and pickaxes to dig out a slope for the elephants to walk up. Apparently, there is one particularly naughty elephant who is the leader of the group. Park rangers are sure it was him who led the others astray.

The incident actually took place in 2019, according to the head of the national park, and the park rangers only yesterday reported the story on Facebook, garnering a lot of interest from Thai internet users. The plot may not be all that interesting, but it sure is cute.


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