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Painful Story: Homeless Man Dies of Sadness After His Puppy is Stolen

Dogs are wonderful animals. They do nothing except give forth their light to all the lucky folks who are blessed enough to have them. When they depart, everything will then become hazy.

The story of Mohamed, commonly known as Momo, is one of a love that endures after death. It formerly concerned a street person who resided in the French metro station of Ampère de Lyon. It’s claimed that when he realized that his dear friend, Guizmo, had vanished, he panicked and sadness overcame him. Mohamed died as a result of the severe pain. But the next day, the animal inexplicably showed up back at the station. He once lived.

Since dogs still come every day unless he goes, there is now a memorial plaque at the same station to serve as a reminder. And that’s it; it has been shown beyond a doubt that a dog is the most pious creature on Earth. They are only capable of providing love and company.

Ten years of mutual delight used to exist between them.

They have escorted every individual on Lyon’s streets for the past ten years. Mohamed, who was previously rolled to his death on the train tracks, was left inconsolable when the dog mysteriously disappeared one fateful and terrible day. Nobody has yet been able to pinpoint exactly how the events took place. The cutecanines were regarded as unharmed, and today he visits the grave of his previous caretaker. “They could never have been apart once. His dog was once everything: his father, his best friend, and his son, according to Hachaane, a person close to Momo.

Unfortunately, their beautiful and lengthy connection came to an end when the animal vanished, almost certainly the victim of theft. The man experienced some discouragement. Gizmo used to be his only friend, so when he lost him, he couldn’t bear the pain of the separation and abandoned himself till his heart stopped pumping. “Mohamed used to be abandoned and stranded. His faithful friend, the only employer he had ever known, vanished in an instant, said Hachaane.

On February 23, the tragic event took place when Momo was once slain using the subway.

According to the legend, the man was inebriated and angry at taking his pet’s life at the time of the incident. On the other hand, another person claimed that Muhammad used to be sincere in his desperation. He searched for his dog, but it was all for nothing. He stopped eating, stopped talking, and increased his drinking. In the end, he took a nap.

Hachaane altered Guizmo after sensing the circumstance. He once had a strong friendship with Momo. Once upon a time, it was the least he could do to respect his memory. Hachaane made the decision to erect a memorial plaque at the station where the honorable homeless man resided in order for everyone to be aware of this touching tale of true love. Hachaane is currently trying to raise money to purchase a marble slab in order to honor Guizmo’s expensive historical life partner.


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