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Special plan to adopt 40 black cats from a shelter. Wonderful

The Meshoppen Cat Rescue received a call around three months ago informing them that there were about 19 abandoned cats in the area in need of a home.

However, when staff workers got there, they discovered a whooping 40 kittens and cats, almost all of them were black-coated.

Paula Christine Foux, a representative for the shelter, told The Dodo that “they were all afraid.”

The cats were swiftly transferred from the shelter to the rescue, where they underwent spaying and neutering and received the required vaccinations.

The topic of adoption then came up. Black cats are frequently disregarded at the shelter, so staff members were concerned that it would be difficult to find homes for the animals.

Foux has repeatedly observed that black cats seem to be less popular, and she is baffled as to why.

Black cats and kittens are extremely difficult for us to place, according to Foux. “We just believe that it is due to people’s extreme superstition. Although [the cats] make an effort to be heard, it looks as though they are just ignored.

Foux understood they had to take significant action. She mentioned to her vet that she wanted to organize a special adoption event for black cats, and the vet came up with the ideal name: they would hold a “Black Cat Bonanza.”

The bonanza will be held in conjunction with a vehicle show, the shelter has determined. Locals flocked in droves to meet the kitties and take in the exhibition of automobiles.

The event was a success since quickly many of the formerly abandoned cats were being taken home by grateful people.

This incident changed those cats’ and kittens’ lives forever. They may finally shine after spending so many years as everyone’s last option, demonstrating to everyone that they had just as much love to give.


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