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Using a Special Pet Oxygen Mask, Firefighters Revive an Unconscious Cat.

Thanks to a pet-specific oxygen mask, the life of an orange tabby cat was saved.

The New Orleans Fire Department discovered the slain cat next to a house fire that broke out Wednesday at noon.

They utilized an oxygen mask designed specifically for animals to revive the unhappy chap.
Authorities in the area ordered the evacuation of 15 occupants, and the fire did not cause any injuries.
However, two kittens who were confined to one of the units battled with smoke inhalation.

Firefighters lowered the suffocating cats to the ground in an effort to revive them with oxygen.

In the footage, one rescuer can be seen caressing the white kitten’s head while covering its face with an oxygen mask.

The masks come in a variety of sizes and may be worn by other animals as well.

Additionally, oxygen is administered to a white and ginger cat that is immobilized while it sleeps on a purple sheet.


Another firefighter can be seen pouring bottled water into his palm and giving the cat a sip.

According to Doug Cardinale of the New Orleans Fire Department, “I guess he has eight more life.”

Near the end of the video, the two cats are visible in a cat carrier next to one another.

At this moment, it is uncertain if the cats and their owner have already been reunited.

Records show that the apartment where the fire started was completely destroyed and judged unfit for occupation.


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