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The Grieving Cat Spent A Year by Her Deceased Owner’s Grave.

This cat’s owner passed away a year ago, yet the feline has yet to leave the grave of the elderly woman. The heartbroken cat’s screams were initially heard by onlooker Keli Keningau Prayitno, 28, of Central Java, Indonesia, who then tried to soothe the animal by adopting her.

However, it didn’t work because the cat returned to her owner’s grave the following day as usual. She only ever leaves the area to go to the home of her owner’s children, where she is fed. People who pass by and observe her also give her food and drink, but the cat only wants to roll in the dirt and spend every night at the grave.

According to Keli, “She lays there and meows.” “It’s very upsetting to witness. It merely demonstrates how connected pets are to their owners.

Even though cats can appear magnificent and distant, according to animal experts, mourning following the death of an owner is real. Cats are capable of feeling worried, losing interest in the outside world, and changing from who they normally are. In particularly severe circumstances, it is advised to get in touch with a veterinarian and discuss receiving anti-anxiety medicine for your cat.


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