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While Hiking, a Man comes Across a Dying Cub Bear, Risks Jail-time to Save it’s Life 

Last Monday night, photographer Corey Hancock was out on a beautiful Oregon path when he came across a three-month-old young bear. Hancock realized the tiny bear was going to pass away because of his dreadful condition. When he initially approached him, the infant was hardly moving and appeared to have been abandoned by his mother.

Hancock could hardly have abandoned the baby bear there to perish. He decided to rescue him instead and carried him more than two miles, not knowing if he would survive.

He even administered CPR at one point, and the infant took a breath. It was clear that he was having difficulty breathing.

He brought the little bear to the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center outside of Salem, Oregon, where he is now making a full recovery from malnutrition and dehydration.

Many eminent experts on animals disagree with Hancock’s choice to save the young bear. They don’t even consider it appropriate for him to have touched the bear.

According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s standards, the person who saved the small bear might have received a $6,000 fine or perhaps spent up to a year in jail.

But according to Oregon State Police, Hancock won’t face any consequences for saving the baby bear.

Photographer Corey Hancock published this article on his Facebook page.

See the video below for additional information.

OMG! (How could anyone think that someone would just go and let that helpless little kid perish there by himself?)

We’re very happy that this hero received no fines or other forms of punishment! Hancock, I want to thank you very much for saving this little animal.

What do you think of Hancock’s actions? Did authorities make the right decision in this situation?


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