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A Heartwarming Moment When An Elephant Identifies The Vet Who Treated Him 12 Years Ago

A wild elephant appears to recognize the man who rescued his life more than ten years ago in a very touching incident.

A 12-year-old elephant that the doctor rehabilitated had a touching but unanticipated reunion. The now-31-year-old elephant Plai Thang was very ill back in 2009. He was in dire straits when a group of volunteers discovered him in the remote region of Rayong, in eastern Thailand. The poor thing was struggling to eat or drink water, let alone to stand on his feet, due to several illnesses like trypanosomiasis, anemia, or stiff legs.

The elephant was transferred to the Forest Industry Organization right away, where Dr. Maneeon cared for him and provided medical attention till he miraculously healed in a few months.

He was subsequently returned to the wild in the same location where the rescue crew had first discovered him.

Thought the elephant might not know him after all these years. The vet waved at him nevertheless. The elephant rushes to express his gratitude once more as he realizes the man waving at him is the same one who helped him 12 years before.

Plai Thang stretches his trunk to touch the hand that saved his life as he gets closer to Dr. Maneeon. an unexpected appearance by the media! The vet further went on to say that when he first saw Plai Thang, he recognized him from the sound he made.

“I have very vivid memories of the sound. “Plai Thang makes a really distinctive noise,” the vet informed a nearby news source. When we initially met, Plai Thang was really pushy. Because of his frail body, he was powerless to combat other elephants. Although his recovery took a while, we discovered that he was exceptionally intelligent and self-sufficient. We recently reconnected, said Dr. Maneeon. “We greeted because we recognized each other. It was a truly memorable occasion. I hope it inspires everyone to value the work that elephant handlers do.


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