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A Stray Siberian Husky With Mange Gets Better With A Little Dose Of Love

When a Siberian Husky girl was discovered wandering the streets of Sacramento, she was covered in mange, ill, and in need of nourishment. She was taken in by a group of rescuers from Front Street Animal Shelter who chose to give her all the attention she required because they thought someone would really like to adopt a husky.

When they found her early in December of last year, the employees gave her the name Sugar. With everything she has gone through, we are astounded to discover her sweet and delicate temperament with our employees, they wrote as they shared her portrait on Facebook.

It had taken a long time to go consistently with the rescue center because the situation required continual monitoring. The husky, however, recovered earlier than anticipated. She made a wonderful new Chihuahua buddy who was also healing from the burns just in time for the holidays.

She was then given various baths with medication to treat her mange. She was able to heal just in time to spend the holidays with her family around the Christmas tree with regular care, love, and medication.

waiting for a prospective husky owner

She still has a long way to go, but as you can see from the pictures, Sugar is enjoying life! Last week, the shelter made a Facebook post. However, she has made significant progress since a month ago. In a different update, the shelter said that her fur is starting to grow back and that it is anticipated that she will be fine once more.


We wish her the best of luck in recovering completely and finding a permanent family that would be excited to adopt a husky breed.


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