A woman sees a strange animal on a hillside and quickly calls for assistance. “She’s a total miracle.” – Animal Fans World

A woman sees a strange animal on a hillside and quickly calls for assistance. “She’s a total miracle.”

On a steamy summer day, it is exhausting to spend even a short amount of time outside, much less for a complete 24 hours. That’s why a Good Samaritan realized something was off when she saw a mystery animal sleeping on a sunny hillside for three days in a row.

She initially believed that [the animal] was a coyote, according to rescuer Suzette Hall, who spoke to The Dodo. The woman realized she was actually staring at a dog when she drew nearer.

The woman was able to identify the dog via several Facebook posts made by neighbors who had seen it in various locations over the course of two weeks. However, she has only been recorded as “seen,” never as “lost.”

The woman contacted Hall for assistance as it became increasingly hot and the dog remained rooted to the slope.

When she arrived, the sun was already intensely shining down on the exposed hill. Hall remarked, “That day was so hot. “She’s got to be hotter,” I reasoned even though I was feeling really queasy.  (‘She’s gotta be hotter.’”)


Hall walked over to the rocky hillside after grabbing her trap and a large water jug. The condition of the dog became more obvious as she approached closer.

Hall remarked, “You could tell that she hadn’t had water in days.”


Hall laid her trap with food and poured a big bowl with water when she finally caught the dog.


Hall remarked, “She drank all the water.” She was not, however, falling for the trap. She would enter briefly before returning to her sun lounge.

The dog eventually realized Hall was there to assist her. She would begin to wriggle her tail whenever Hall started to go down there to check on her, according to Hall. She was aware of my presence. She was beginning to believe in me.

Eventually, Hall was able to approach the dog closely enough to speak with her, but he was still unable to capture her. And even so, the dog would not follow the lure in the trap all the way to the back.

After briefly leaving the hillside, Hall returned with some new snacks, which were ultimately successful.

Hall saw the dog was much younger than she appeared when she approached the trap and got a better look at her.

Hall remarked, “She’s a little Malinois puppy. “About seven months old,” she says.

The terrified pup waggled her tail as Hall approached her, despite the fact that she was shivering in the trap. Hall decided to give her a name that captured both her character and her tale.

Because it was so hot outside and because she is a shining light of sunshine, I named her Sunshine, Hall explained.

Hall was able to bring Sunshine off the hill and ultimately out of the sun with the assistance of four sympathetic firemen.

Hall and the Good Samaritans who assisted her experienced victory, but Sunshine was paralyzed by terror.

Hall remarked, “She’s just so afraid. She will allow you to pet her, but she will just shake. That is characteristic of someone who has lived on the streets for a while.

Sunshine’s origins are unknown to anyone in the area, but based on her behavior, Hall surmises that she has lived there her entire life.

She is so isolated, Hall said. “I doubt she has ever lived in a house.”

Sunshine was taken to the veterinarian by Hall after the rescue, where the dog is currently unwinding in a quiet area. Hall claims that Sunshine has received a lot of attention from the vet techs at the clinic, which has made her more at ease around people.




Sunshine will move in with a seasoned foster parent as soon as she’s finished de-stressing; this person has helped dogs just like Sunshine grow in the past. She will then be adopted and given a permanent home.

And even if Sunshine is still waiting for her happy ending, her rescue from the harsh sun after three days of sweltering heat is already a triumph. She is a complete miracle, Hall declared.

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