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How long did the dog wait on the Train Tracks to get the parents back

“He would barely move until the train was almost there.”


Every day, Suzette Hall receives messages concerning stray canines in the Irvine, California, area. But she decided she had to take action after reading a desperate plea about a dog that had been thrown from a car onto train tracks.

The black Lab mix would not leave the location of his last encounter with his owners. He lay down where they had left him and waited, despite the fact that it was perilous to be on the train tracks. He was starving, but he refrained from looking for food for fear that his family might come looking for him.

According to Hall, “They always wait after they’re dumped because they’re so loyal and they believe the person is coming back.” I was so worried he would be struck by a train. He seemed to move very slowly until the train was almost there, according to the woman who first observed him.

Hall discovered the puppy exactly where the Good Samaritan had stated he would be when she arrived at the train tracks. He initially stood up and began to run, but when I threw chicken in his direction, he stopped, according to Hall. He was apprehensive and terrified.

To avoid frightening the dog, Hall set up a trap and placed chicken and hot dogs inside of it before running away. She was concerned that it might be some time before he took the risk of pursuing the food.

Because it can take a while, Hall added, “catching a dog sometimes feels like I’m watching paint dry.” Because I don’t give up, “I’m known to sleep in my car to save a puppy.”

The dog was left behind, but he was so ravenous that when she came back a short while later, he was safely in the trap. Soldier was given a name by Hall, who then took him to her veterinarian to be inspected.

While Hall searches for a caring foster home for him, Soldier has been unwinding at Camino Pet Hospital. There, the adorable puppy is receiving medication-laced baths and plenty of food. He has even started to wag his tail when the vet techs pet him.



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