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Puppy Found Swimming 220km Off Shore By Oil Rig Workers

Workers on an oil site 220 km off the coast of Thailand discovered a puppy shivering and shivering in the cold. No explanation of how it got there is given. One of the employees, Vitisak Payalaw, who spoke with CNN, claimed that on April 12, his coworkers saw him swimming.

Paylaw said: “I reasoned that if we didn’t act right away, I wouldn’t be able to help him. In the event that he lost control, helping him would be quite challenging.

The dog sat motionless, staring at the workers with eyes that betrayed his suffering and seemed to be screaming for help.

Whoever saw this at that point had to help, Paylaw proclaimed.

He was immediately given a wash, some steak, and the Korean term for “survival,” “Boonrod,” by the workers after they eventually succeeded in pulling him out of the water. They hoisted him in about 15 minutes.

The dog didn’t seem to have much energy left and appeared to be fully exhausted. HeĀ  stayed in his seat the whole time.

He appeared more happier and more awake a day and a half after undergoing numerous treatments and sleeping. The staff of the oil rig grew to love him.


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