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Blind Cat With Big Blue Eyes Finds A Sweet Home Forever

I hope his new forever home includes excellent veterinary care.
Well, those eyes may look unique, but the anguish is real. Just remove them.
I hope her adopters take her to the doctor right away and make sure this is taken care of right away.

The fluffy Norwegian Woodland cat was saved from their neighborhood veterinarian by owner Marie-Josee Brisson and her daughter Monica, who is now 17 years old. They claim it was love at first sight.

What a beautiful cat. ❤.

Pico, who had had emerald eyes, developed an infection that caused him to become blind. Since Pico was blinded in both eyes due to, it is instantly obvious that he is different from other cats. He also has unusually huge, protruding eyes.

He has eyes like opals, gorgeous.

The nine-year-old cat was a stray who was tragically hit by a car and put into a coma for three days before making an incredible recovery.

Very pleased they found a permanently home for this cutie ❤.

When Marie-Josiee and Monica saw Pico while he was receiving treatment at their neighborhood vet, they made the decision to give him the forever home he so richly deserved.
Praise the Lord that the suffering Soul has found a loving home, and that maybe a cure will bring relief to the Lovely Souls

So pleased for the cat and it’s brand-new parents!

What a lovely man; I’m so happy you found your devoted life partner.
I hope the adorable child isn’t in pain and leads a happy, fulfilling life.


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