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Couple Finds Box Of Puppies “left at the mercy of the fate” In The Woods And Knows What They Have To Do

“We are convinced this entire story is one of fate.”

Mark, who requested that his last name not be used, was walking through the streets of Sarajevo when he heard a peculiar sobbing sound. He focused on a cardboard box hidden in the woods off to the side of the road.

Mark finally came across the puppies as they were huddled together in the dirt, pleading for assistance, as he got closer to the box.

Lisa, Mark’s wife, told  that the thought of abandoning them there never even occurred to Mark.

The couple was staying in a rental flat in Sarajevo when Mark noticed the puppies; they had quit their jobs and sold their house in 2019 so they could tour the world. The Nomadic Canadians, a couple who go by that name, were relieved when their rental host permitted them to keep the puppies while they considered their options.

It was challenging to keep up with four puppies in a small area.

We slept in turns since [the puppies] were awake every several hours, according to Lisa. “We did our best to keep them occupied.”

Although Mark and Lisa were aware that they couldn’t bring the puppies on their trip, they were unsure of how to find them homes abroad.

What we were about to do next had Lisa’s head spinning. For the next six days, we experienced a variety of emotions at once: sorrow that they had been abandoned, gratitude that we had found them, anxiety about what to do next, joy at being able to spend time with them, lack of sleep, fear and stress that we would not be able to find a solution, but also hope and determination.

The couple realized they couldn’t give up on the dogs after losing their cherished dog, Kelso, three years prior.

“We understand how much a dog can add to a person’s life and adore them” Lisa remarked. “How on earth did we choose to leave? ”

Fortunately, a neighborhood dad and his two kids observed the couple strolling the puppies in front of the apartment building. The family said hello after being drawn to the dogs, and they soon got to work finding the puppies a place to stay.

“We firmly believe that fate played a role in the entire narrative”, Lisa remarked.

The pair made contact with Save The Animals Now, a spacious local shelter.

As soon as Lisa arrived at the shelter, she felt at ease since she could see the puppies would receive competent, professional care.”

“We were very relieved to learn that the puppies will be cared for properly” Lisa remarked. “Crying was heard.”

The couple received some great news a few weeks later: all four puppies had been adopted and would soon be going to live with their new families.

These puppies, who were previously abandoned by the side of the road, will now lead the lives they deserve thanks to their assistance.

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