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Couple recognizes the need to assist as they see two furry faces peeking out of the weeds.

“It was obvious that they were terrified.”

Logan and Abigail Fabrizio were astonished to discover two beagle puppies when they saw four little black eyes poking out from the weeds along the side of the road.

These puppies surely belong to someone in the area, they reasoned.

They were shocked to discover the puppies were still there, afraid, and abandoned, a few days later. The pair was aware of their obligations.

Logan Fabrizio told The Dodo, “We could tell they were abandoned.

The two sprang into action, persuading the second beagle out after initially tempting the first one out with a hot dog. Gaining the trust of these fearful puppies who had been left alone was difficult, but the Fabrizios were up to the challenge.

Fabrizio remarked, “You could tell they were quite afraid.

The Fabrizios bathed the beagles once they were safe at home and removed almost 20 ticks from just their ears.


You may view a video the Fabrizios made of their experience rescuing and bathing the beagles here:

Remi + Riley on Instagram: “Day 1. 🐾 #beagles #beaglesofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedog #beaglepuppy #beagleworld_feature #puppylove #puppyparents…”


`It was immediately evident that the couple was developing feelings for the little beagles. They gave them the family names Remi and Riley and adopted them.

The beagles are lot more trusting and grateful to have a family who loves them now, one month after their rescue.

They are enjoying it, remarked Fabrizio. Running all over the furniture, hogging the bed, and exploring the 10 acres we are on.

The distinct personalities of the beagles are starting to emerge. Riley is more daring and enjoys paddle surfing and exploring, while Remi is a little more cautious but adores cuddling and ear scratching, the pair discovered.

The Fabrizios are still unsure of the beagles’ actual origins, but they are grateful that they were able to reunite because the puppies have been a wonderful addition to the family.

Fabrizio stated that “[the dogs] really affected our daily routines and adjusted some of our objectives.” But altogether, I think that since we met these two, our lives have changed for the better.








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