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‘Cyclops’ Puppy With One Eye, Two Tongues, and No Nose Born In Philippines

In the Philippines, a weird one-eyed dog with two enormous tongues and no nose was born. Unfortunately, the dog only survived for one day. It was delivered alongside a newborn who appeared to be in good health on February 6 in the country’s Aklan area. It could not even nurse from its mother because it only had one eye and no nose. Amie de Martin, a local, said they took the young dog, now known as “Cyclops,” to the vet and fed it puppy chow in the hopes that it would survive.

It had breathing issues and didn’t live to see the next day, dying at around 10 p.m. The veterinarian informed the distraught pet owner that the puppy’s death was caused by the mother dog ingesting poisons while she was pregnant. The vet explained that Cyclops’ mother most likely consumed something unpleasant, Amie added. However, as Cyclops’ mother is an s-puppy, this isn’t always the case.

Cyclops was unable to even sample her milk. He had to be fed using a dropper and milk powder. Instead of interring the deceased dog in the garden, Amie decided to keep its remains in a glass box. The puppy may have had Cyclopia, an uncommon syndrome that affects mammals and other animals. The disorder can be caused by a wide range of things, including defective genes and toxic substances in the environment.


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