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Fabulous- Officer Adopts Dog He Rescued From Shocking Hoarding Situation

Since Officer Warren Lillie has always had a passion for animals, it is not surprising that he adopted a puppy from one of the worst hoarding situations in the region’s history.

Officer Warren Lillie has always had an interest for animal welfare. Lillie is frequently the first officer on the scene in cases of animal abuse, neglect, and cruelty because of this, as well as his great knowledge of animal care from his time as a K-9 handler.

It’s fortunate that he was the first cop to arrive at the scene of one of the biggest hoarding incidents in Ross Township, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Lillie, a lifelong dog enthusiast who shares a special bond with his K-9 companion and his childhood best friend, first arrived at the residence on September 11, 2019.

He finally welcomed a dog named Chunk into his home as a result of the call. However, he had work to do first.

Lillie admits to Daily Paws, “I was almost in shock, and I’m seldom stunned by anything I see.” “I was so shocked since I’ve experienced shootings, been in close calls with death, and been run over by cars. A human couldn’t have survived there for more than a few hours since the ammonia levels were so high.”

Lillie promptly set to work saving as many animals from the abhorrent maltreatment as he could. In a filthy living room, dogs were crammed shoulder to shoulder. 117 were successfully rescued from the house thanks a large part to Lillie. Working all day long shift pulling dogs out and searching for more, even coming back when he was off duty to continue helping during the 10- to 12-hour rescue. Even when he was advised to take a break, he pressed on.



Lillie claims, “I obtained a new oxygen tank around six times to keep going.” I was unable to watch from the sidelines.

Even after all the dogs had been removed from the area, Lillie remained involved in the case, supervising the investigation and assembling further physical evidence for the prosecution. This rescue even prompted Lillie to suggest an education program for animal abusers, which has subsequently been adopted in cases involving animal abuse.

Animal Friends, the animal welfare group that oversaw the hoarder rescue, informed Lillie that in recognition of his services, it wished to thank him by presenting his family with a dog that had been rescued from the crammed house. Despite the fact that Lillie had no clue how he would ever pick one to adopt—”They were all so cute!”—two different people informed him that there was something special about a small herding dog named Chunk, who just so happened to be the first dog he retrieved from the structure.

He did prove to be very exceptional, says Lillie. “He’s so distinctive and amusing; he’s like a cartoon. He’s very energetic and involved in everything, and his eyes are so expressive. He will get your attention if he wants it.”

Chunk “fell right in” with the family, which also included two other dogs named Boog and Ellie May, after a few months of therapy to address his hoarding-related habits and anxieties, according to Lillie. Chunk also won the family’s hearts. Lillie is still responding to reports of animal abuse and neglect in the interim. Even though the labor might be emotionally taxing, he enjoys doing it.

In these circumstances, I can speak for them, Lillie says. “I’ll work tirelessly to give that voice to the animal who is unable to speak. I will always stand up for them.”


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