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Geri is a Special Cat Who Will Immediately Steal Your Heart.

I’ll grant you that all cats and all living things are distinctive, but some are more so than others—not because some people are more exceptional than others, but rather because some people are more than one person. You might find the latter sentence confusing. What do you mean that some people are more than one person? That is elite! Now, this is definitely not what I meant! Actually, a rare genetic disorder can cause two or more zygotes to fuse together at conception, resulting in the formation of an individual that is a hybrid of two individual developing cells.

The disorder is often referred to as “chimerism,” after the Greek mythological beast Chimera, which was a hybrid of a lion, goat, and dragon. Fortunately for us, the truth of chimerism is much more lovely and amazing to witness than the myths suggest. Here is Geri, a rare genetic specimen (or should I say specimens?) with chimerism who is so adorable that she has amassed a huge following.

But no matter how talented a writer is, an owner will always be able to explain their pet better. Owner of Geri Erika disclosed all information to Bored Panda directly. In 2019, I discovered her at my favorite pet store. The baby was two months old. I used to like dogs, but after getting her, I switched to cats, haha.

Erika is pleased for Geri about her current online accomplishment, saying, “Good for Geri! makes me once more realize how fortunate I am to have Geri.

Erika gives all the credit for the stunning images to Geri. I used to work as a travel writer, so taking pictures was a part of my profession that I really enjoyed. Additionally, Geri gives me a lot of expressions, which I find to be quite beautiful, therefore I frequently snap photos of her. I want to savor and treasure every second I have with her.


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