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Meet This Cute Cat That Is Taking Over The Internet Due To His Pure Beauty



Another feline Merlin has taken over the internet, but his visage is nothing short of beautiful. You may remember Merlin as the grumpy Canadian Ragdoll cat with the resting b*tch face. This lovely kitten has silky dark gray fur and milky bluish eyes that give it a plush doll appearance. Thanks to his human parents Nathanial Green and Elliot Green, two creative artists who created a visually gorgeous Instagram page for their adorable little kitten, Merlin gained widespread online celebrity. The page currently has 28k followers,

Merlin was initially seen by the Greens in 2017 during “Free Cat Friday” at the Lynchburg Humane Society. Elliot acknowledged to Bored Panda that while it was love at first sight, Merlin wasn’t his first choice. “My coworker really persuaded me to go in because she had recently gotten a lovely kitten from there. Nathanial and I had our hearts set on a Siamese kitten when browsing their cat adoption site, but by the time I got off work, they had all either been placed on hold or had been adopted.

The couple kept looking despite their setbacks. After noticing that we were walking aimlessly, the woman who had shown us about halted and informed us that she had a favorite, but that he had some problems and was ill. She led us to the hospital’s medical wing where she showed us a tiny kitten that was getting over a cold. I was a little concerned when I learned that he was blind at first. I was concerned that as a full-time student working two jobs, I wouldn’t be able to give Merlin the attention he required. I believe it was quite clear that he was perfect as soon as I got to hold him.

The Greens are overjoyed that they discovered Merlin. He is a kind cat who enjoys attention and cuddling. Because he was born blind, he really has no idea of fear, so he’ll try to leap off of quite high places. He’s never destructive or petty, either, added Elliot. He won’t race up to the door to meet us and jump all over our guests who are sitting on the couch; he doesn’t hide or avoid people. He likes to sit on someone’s lap.

Yes, this adoring ball of fur is completely devoted to his human fathers. “He gets up and stands ready to be cuddled whenever we sit on the couch or the bed. We’re not sure why, but he enjoys having the skin around his eyes massaged. He also enjoys having his face and ears scratched. His other father explained that when someone places their hands near his eyes or nose, he will frequently clumsily press into them as if to push them away. Nathanial

You can’t help but notice Merlin’s distinctive characteristics because he is a rare Napoleon—a cross between a Munchkin and a Persian cat. Napoleons are rather little, yet they are able to roam around as effortlessly as normal-sized cats, according to his owner, who said that the breed has only existed for 20 to 22 years. Most of their physical traits are inherited from the Persian.

However, Merlin’s milky white-walker-like eyes are not a trait of his breed but rather result from his blindness. But according to his father, this gorgeous man nonetheless leads a full life despite having bad vision. Sincerity be told, we overlook his blind eyes. He had some problems getting around when we first came into our apartment, but he picks it up quickly and truly owns the place. He frequently walks or jumps into the glass borders of our coffee table, but we believe he has learnt to avoid doing so. He only really cares about the location of the food and how distant it is from his parents.



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