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Despite Losing Her Four Legs, Tail, and Ears, This Cat was Given a Second Chance at Happiness,

Winter in Siberia, Russia, can bring dangerous frosts that endanger both people and animals’ lives.
This is the tale of a cat named “Dymka” (from the Russian word for “fog”) that suffered the loss of an arm or both of her legs as a result of Russia’s severe winter weather. Fortunately, she was able to walk again because of advances in contemporary technology and the help of kind veterinarians..

The story goes that this cat was discovered by a vehicle in the frigid streets of Novokuznetsk, Siberia. She was taken to the Novosibirsk clinic, which is located in the same city, by the man who wanted to save this poor animal. After being exposed to the brutal Siberian cold for a long time, Dymka was discovered there struggling with frostbite on both of her limbs, her tail, and her ears.

The experts got to work regaining Dymka’s ability to walk..
The cat’s front and back legs had to be amputated due to the issue that brought her to the clinic. However, the staff at the clinic where Dymka was treated immediately began working with the TPU (Tomsk Polytechnic College) researchers to create a titanium prosthetic for the 4-year-old cat that would enable her to resume leading a normal life.

Thus, they were able to successfully implant the first implants in Dymka’s front legs before moving on to her back legs. They did this by using cutting-edge technology, including CT scans of Dymka’s paws, calcium phosphate, and 3D-printed titanium implants (which were combined with the cat’s leg bones).

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It is now clear how Dymka was able to regain almost full movement with her titanium legs after receiving this crucial treatment for more than six months. The cat can be seen stretching, walking, and playing as if she had never lost her arm or legs in a video posted on YouTube by the clinic that handled her case. The cat’s titanium legs have a flexible design and a background with a black textured pattern.

It should be emphasized that Dymka was the second cat in the world to receive this kind of treatment up until this point. The first was done in 2016 on a cat named Ryzhik (red), who underwent this procedure to regain movement after losing her limbs.

In Siberian cities, many pet cats and other animals display cases of frostbite during the freezing winter snowfalls. Frostbite happens when the freezing cold of winter causes the skin and internal tissues, mainly the extremities, to freeze. In rare circumstances, this results in the affected tissues dying, necessitating their amputation in order to save the patient’s life.

Try to take all the necessary precautions to keep your dogs from being exposed to situations as risky to their life as this one if you have pets and live somewhere with exceptionally cold seasons.


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