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Photos of Freddie Mercury with His Cats, Whom He Loved Like His Own Children


There is no doubt that the legendary rock star Freddie Mercury had a deep love for his cats, as shown by a number of images. His affection for his cats most likely began in the 1970s when his then-girlfriend Mary Austin gave him Tomy and Jerry as a gift.

He tells Bored Panda that he always phoned the guardians of his young kittens to make sure they were okay when he was on tour with Queen, according to several people, including his personal aide Peter Freestone.


Freestone said:

“He would visit the hotel, make calls, and speak to his pets in person. Mary alternately held Tom and Jerry as she brought them to the phone to hear Freddie speak. The following felines eventually made their way to his house as this proceeded over the years”


Some reports reveal that Mercury had in his care 8 other kittens named, Tiffany, Dorothy, Delilah, Goliath, Lily, Miko, Oscar and Romeo.


Freestone added:

“His cats were his family.”

Even more, Fredy Mercury saw to it that everyone of them got a Christmas stocking stuffed with gifts and toys.

For 21 years, Jacky Smith has served as the Queen Fan Club’s official leader. She added:

“The majority came from rescue facilities. The Blue Cross is a charity that looks after ill animals here in the UK. There, at least two of Freddie’s kitties originated.”


According to The Queen Archives, Freddie even gave some of his artistic abilities to Jerry and the other cats by dedicating his solo album Mr. Bad Guy to them:

“The artwork for Mercury’s final album with the band, Innuendo, showed him as a jester carrying cats. Delilah, an animated theme, is also available. Until you come to the lyric when “he pees on his Chippendale furniture,” you could assume it is about a woman. Additionally, there is a Brian May solo that features meow-like harmonies. Over the past few years, May has also owned a lot of cats. He can no longer own one because of how frequently he must travel these days, but Smith claims that “he’s still a cat lover, no dogs.”


On the Classic Queen CD, Mercury can be seen sporting a remarkable kitten-print vest; upon closer scrutiny, it is feasible to recognize that he is actually it’s about yours. Mercury fans discovered another hint about this artist’s passion for his cats there. He wore the same same vest in his last video.

The Mercury family included several cats, but Deliah, a three-colored tabby who was acquired in 1987, was arguably the most well-known.


Smith said:

“That lady was a great character! Delilah was hilarious. She was a little bit of a bully around other people, but she was usually the first to get up onto his lap and request food”


Mercury’s long-term partner of seven years, Jim Hutton, also attested to their unique connection.

“The child who he hugged and held in his arms the most was “the little princess of the house. Additionally, “he slept at the foot of the bed before scurrying off to look for nocturnal fights” as if that weren’t enough”

Mercury and Me stated in their autobiography:

“Freddie loved cats just as much as his own children. He always worried about them, and God help us if something happened to any of them while he was gone. The cats would roam the property around the home during the day, and one of us would go in search of them and bring them inside at night”

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